SPEC Home Builder

As custom home builders, we get front row seats to the styles of home the market is searching for. Because of this, even our spec homes look like custom built homes. We design all of our floor plans to maximize the home’s square footage in order to make the most efficient layout for today’s modern families.

We have artistically constructed modern spec homes in Round Rock and surrounding areas of Texas.

What is a Spec Home

While a spec home may not be the perfect choice if you would like to choose every single detail of your home, it’s a great option if you want the benefits of owning your new home without having to wait several months to move it. Also, keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy many options such as colors, floor plans, and various cabinetry styles.

By limiting some of the feature choices, this allows your costs for purchasing a new home much more affordable, for those on a tight budget.

Spec Home Builders

Buying your spec home means you could also benefit from avoiding difficult lending processes and payments.Another huge bonus is knowing exactly when you can move into your new home.

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