Custom Home Builder

Building your dream home is a challenging task. There are many decisions to consider before and during the build. A good builder will offset these challenges with thorough planning and constant communication with their client. At HJD Homes, we strive to make the client happy with their home while keeping them within their budget. HJD Homes works with a range of vendors to make it affordable at all differnt budgest to accommodate a wide range of budgets.

We pride ourselves in finishing client projects at or under budget on each selection.

Custom Home Builders

At HJD Homes our custom built homes are range from luxury features such as tall ceiling heights and larger doors and room sizes. When building your dream home we are great at big changes, like adding a garage, custom rooms and more bathrooms. Building your custom home provides the possibilities to create a home that’s exactly how you want it.

Your custom home could be a really large to small sized home. It might be standard in many ways but still be a custom home. Most custom home buyers typically feel a custom home as being this complex, huge mansion. While that’s the case for some homeowners, always keep in mind that both large estate and a small built houses can be custom homes.

Choosing the Right Custom Home Builder

We walk with you through every step. As your home builder we walk with you through every step on all variables when decided on what will make your home unique and different. We customize your home for a specific feel, certain amenities, creative touches, features style, and vibe.

We have earned the admiration of our clients in Greater Round Rock, Hutto and surrounding areas of Texas because of our artistic constructions.

At HJD Homes we build unique custom homes with a distinct set of plans for each of our clients. Allow us to start building your dream home today!

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