Home Building Process

Our goal is to not only build your dream home but for the process to be enjoyable as well. HJD Homes will walk you through each stage of the build allowing you to always be in control. We believe in constant open communication so that HJD Homes understands each customer’s desires for their custom home.

With HJD Homes you have several routes in building your custom home. From already having a plan that fits your needs to meeting with our architects to develop a perfect layout, we can make it happen.


Stage 1 - Initial Meeting

During this stage we get to know more about you and your desires of the perfect dream home. Tell us your ideas, likings, anything you want in a home. Bring floor plans, clippings, print outs, and pictures too. We want to see it all.

We want your new home to be exactly what you want it to be, so we want to take this time to ensure that we understand all your wants and needs.

Within this stage we also ensure you have secured a homesite. Several routes you can go: you can come to us with a homesite already purchased or we can get you all set up with one of our available lots.

Stage 2 - Floor Plans

Again a couple routes you can choose from. If you have found a floor plan that fits all your wants and needs you can bring that to the initial meeting. If you do not have a floor plan selected, HJD Homes can help you make that happen.

You can choose from the many floor plans that HJD Homes has previously used or you can meet with our 3rd party architect to design your dream home.

Once a floor plan is chosen, HJD Homes will create a budget. Once a budget is created, you will want to check on financing. We have several lenders you can choose from if you do not have already picked on.

Pre-qualifying can take anywhere from a few days to over a week so you want to make sure to start the process.

Stage 3 - Deco selections

A timeline will be provided for when certain deco selections will need to be selected. We have great relationships with our vendors and they will assist you during the selection process and help make this process as smooth as possible.

Once the selections have been made, you will receive a Client Material Agreement sheet to sign and date to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We are a custom builder and know that selections can change during the construction process. When a final selection changes, we have the client sign a Change Order Form.

We do not want the construction process to be disrupted so the timeliness of these changes are imperative.

Stage 4 - Pre-Construction

Once you approve the floor plans and the budget pricing, we will then be ready to finalize the contract price. The contract will include the specifications, time to complete the home and the contracted price.

There are several items that need to occur before construction can begin:

  • Acquire necessary building permits
  • Ensure that financing for the project has been secured
  • Septic engineering and permitting (if applicable)
  • Builders Risk Policy
  • Surveying of the property or site plan
  • Establishing all Utilities

Stage 5 - Construction

This stage is where everything really seems to pick up speed. HJD Homes will maintain constant communication including several meetings at the home site to ensure everything is going to plan.

HJD Homes will be onsite everyday checking the progress. Always feel free to contact us with any questions that arise.

At the end of the construction stage we will schedule 2-3 walkthroughs of your home where we will blue tape anything that needs to be adjusted. HJD Homes wants to ensure you are completely satisfied with the quality of which your home was built and this is the time when you get to make sure that happens.

Stage 6 - Time to Move in to Your Dream Home

Welcome Home!! You are ready to move in and settle in to your dream home.

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